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Hehe I'm sorry to say you're both wrong. :) DaniWeb was founded in June 2003, making the site only 14 months old.

I registered the domain name in 1998, back when I was in high school, as a personal homepage. I posted pictures of my dogs on it - that sort of thing high school kids do for their first webpage ;) After that, the domain went unused for many years.

The reason my registration date on the forums, as well as some posts, date back to Feb 2002, is because back then, I started a hardware forum called techtalkforums.com (which unfortunately never grew much nor got popular). It used a very different system than DaniWeb does now - but when I decided to make DaniWeb, I copied over most of the data from the old techtalkforums site to give DaniWeb some content (though not much) to start with.



Now I need to change my palm! I put the date in there for surprise bday cards. Oh well.

Good to hear!



so we should be celebrating whole of the month of June for our daniweb's birthday :o :eek: LOL :mrgreen:


It actually took nearly a week of restless nights to set up DaniWeb and get the site running. DaniWeb was founded the last week of June into the first week of July 2003.


And I know when you say restless work ... you mean that cuz I can see the site becoming popular day by day ... and it was not the look of daniweb but the hard work done by the creator ... thats you ... Thank you very much for giving the web this site.


Thanks so much nanosani. Yes, I work very, very hard on Daniweb - but so do all of the fantastic moderators and members who make the community what it is.

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