Hi All
Where to start ?
Well, been developing apps in VB6/VBA for more years than I can remember, would concider myself fairly advanced with VB6 and Access/VBA. Also pretty hot with SQL Server and T/SQL. Experienced in developing multi-tier apps using class modules to abstract interface/business/data layers.

Have developed a few apps using the Sage Line 50 sdo com objects.
Can still design, code and develop in Sage (Sky) Retrieve/4GL.

Recently started my own company and am doing free-lance development and project management mainly on small business stuff (Excel macros, Access, VBA).

Also starting a project in VB .Net to 1. learn the language and 2. hopefully develop a piece of software I can sell on to small businesses.

I don't often need to ask for help so when I do it's good to have a reliable mechanism to get answers. I am very willing to offer my assistance were I can.

What brought me here ? Needed a sample of processing the SQL Server image datatype in .Net and found a nice sample in an old thread.

Hope to hear from you all soon.

Nottingham. UK

Hi Mark, welcome to DaniWeb from someone not a million miles away from you in the UK (North Notts/South Yorks borders)

Welcome...hope you'll enjoy it here!

Hi there. Welcome to DaniWeb!