So, here is my first post. I'm currently learning C++ and into my 2nd week of self-study. I'm using the book, C++ Primer Plus, Fifth Edition, as my primary source and constantly referring back to other books and the web for a different take on particular aspects.

It's the 'different take on particular aspects' which led me to this site as a result of this Google Search ("system("PAUSE")".

My goal is to program and create GUI applications based on C++ which would not be restricted to any particular operating system.

I'm also dabbling with Ruby with a similar end goal in mind, create GUI programs. Primarily though, I'm concentrating on C++.

Well, that's enough me.

Greetings fellow Australian. I too am interested in GUI design, although for me it is "Java or bust". I have dabbled in C++ but I find its nuances a little strange :S Anyways nice to meet you and hope to talk to you soon in DaniWeb!


Thanks for the warm welcome. I've just been lurking in the last week and it's amazing, from a learning point of view, the stuff I've picked up.