I would like to upgrade the RAM in my Dell Dimension 3000 from 1GB (2x516mb) to 2GB (2x1GB). Dell quoted me AUD$220 each! The only info they would tell me was "DIMM,1G,400M,125X64,8K,184"
So I got on the internet and found that Dell in Canada sell compatible Kingston KTD 8300/1G for CAD$75.99 each. In addition several Canadian sites sell the same RAM for around CAD$40 each. It seems that most of these sites will not ship to Australia. As yet none of them have responded to my emails regarding shipping to Australia. In Australia the same RAM is available for around AUD$120 each, 3 times the price in Canada. I consider this to be too expensive, but have been unable to find a company in Australia that comes near the price in US or Canada.

Further more, I ran Crucial System scanner and found that Crucial have compatible 2GB Kit (1GBx2), 184 pin, DIMM DDR PC3200 memory module for US$79.98 i.e. $40 each, which I consider to be a good price. Crucial claim that they ship RAM internationally. However, after I had completed checkout, I was confronted by the following message; "Due to trade restrictions, we are able to ship certain Crucial Gear products only within the US. You may remove these products and continue with your order, or change the shipping country to US".
Not a lot of help.

I am able to buy the correct RAM in Australia. However, it seems that I have to pay 3 times the price in US. Considering that I am also looking for 4GB of RAM for my Medion MD8088 I would be most appreciative if someone could direct me to a company that sells compatible RAM in Australia for a reasonable price.

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Thanks I will try your suggestions. I am not that familiar with RAM compatability with my computers so I have to be specific. I am aware that there are different levels of quality. However, how does one explain the difference in pricing btw. US and Aus for the same product? Furthermore, Dell Australia won't even explain what I would be paying for.

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