Hi all,
I’m new here and hope I can get help from you all. I am a beginner in software development and right now I am using internet explorer but it gives some problems during page testing. I am unable to understand that what is the exact problem is. Should I use another browser or recheck my program codes? Help me please.
Thanks in advance!

IE is a easy go browser that ignores small errors hence it'll not trouble u for silly mistakes. my suggesion is to check ur code once, however if u give some detail on what the problem u r facing it'll be easy for us to suggest.

Hey, if you are confident that your coding is errorless then I would suggest you to check your pages in another browser. If it still does not work then you should check your program codes. However, there are many browsers available on the net that you can download easily.

reinstall internet explorer but first download other browsers like firefox and opera if reinstall of internet explorer does not works then reinstall windows


Although your answer might be good, it serves no purpose because the original poster was spamming this site; look at the link I provided for proof.

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