High, i've been looking on the MS website for old versions of Internet Explorer but can't find any downloads. I want to test a site to make sure it doesn't break in older browsers. If anyone knows where to find IE 5 on the MS site could you provide the link.


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this site lists some downloads for old versions:

however. your windows xp+ infected computer might not allow you to install an old ie while you have a new ie without removing the existing ie, and you cannot remove an ie version less than ie6, since xp relies on ie6 for many things.

solution? try using windows 98 or previous, or use linux and ies4linux ( http://www.tatanka.com.br/ies4linux/page/Main_Page ), or hope those versions at oldversion.com are standalone/hacked to allow them to run side-by-side with your latest ie version.

Ok thankyou. Standalone working on XP would be most suitable. I've got old computers that run older browsers but it's a lot of hassel booting them up to test on.

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