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I'm not sure really where to post this so I thought the would be as gooder place as any! - Any suggestions for a more appropriate place then let me know.

I have recently (since January) had a lot of problems connecting to the internet in the evenings (very sporadic and slow, it looses the connection every 2 mins or so).
By a process of elimination I have discovered that my Dell (Dimension E520) only works 24hours a day with a 1.5 metre ethernet cable .
Before I had the same 10 metre cable and never had any problems with my old Sony laptop (used it in my current house for about 2 years).

Just by way of a history
I have tried - Linux, new motherboard, new network card, different cable between the phone socket and the modem, different 10m cable, starting in safe mode, Windows Explorer, Firefox, different modem (same model and brand though). But always the same dodgy connection in the evening.
An interesting twist is that when I took the Dell to a neighbour and he tried it with my 10m cable there was no problem.

My set up is: a modem, no router, ADSL connection through a phone socket, only running one computer at a time.

Another possible clue- when the connection is lost and I am on the phone I hear a quiet "peep".

The ONLY way I can get the DELL's internet connection to function properly in the evening is with a 1.5m network cable or take it to my neighbour and surf the internet there!

I was under the impression you should be able to have a 100m cable before signal problems set in.

My ISP won't help because that say that due to the fact that the SONY doesn't have the same problem the fault can't be with them. It must be the DELL.

Does anyone have any other ideas how I can fix this problem? I could completely rearrange the room to accomodate the DELL.



I'm having the same problem with my dell. I'm running XP and it's apparently an issue with this computer as my old emachine never had a problem with intermittent internet connection using the same IP, cables and modem. My loss of connection can last anywhere from 5 seconds to 30 seconds and then it returns. Also, I'm using a battery back-up power connection so power blips aren't the issue.

Anyone have any ideas?


The 1.5 metre cable reduced the inccidence of the problem but not completely.

I had to get a bit angry with my IP for them to even bother looking at the signal strength on my phone line(which they said looked a bit weak). Instead of fiddling with the phone connection they sent me the new modem.

I've now been running the new modem for about a week and not had one outage after several months of losing the internet almost every evening.

Try a different (brand of) modem, even though other computers might work on it and your one might work most of the time.



Hi guys, I know this isn't very ideal but I had the same problem so I phoned up my internet service provider and told them about the problem and turns out I needed a new modem. After I got my new modem my internet worked perfectly so I would suggest you try this

There are a number of free programs out there that you can run to test your own line for speeds up and down. this should enable you to assess the reliability of either the line or the adsl box!


I know this is a few days after, but you also need to check,

1) all the filters (remove all and then run connection on one, if problem still there then try a new one) Then start plugging old ones back in until you see a problem

2) If you have overhead phone lines to your house then get BT or who ever you pay rent to to come out and replace cable.

We get ours replaced every few years because trees damage cable.


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