Okay here's my situation. I have an undergrad in Math and I have been unemployed for 5 months. I have been trying to get a software job (ideally development - I'm sun certified programmer, self taught) but I don't have experience so I haven't had any luck, of course.

So I've been seriously considering going back to school, which I thought I might have done anyway. I live in Chicago and I am looking at DePaul, and I can start like soon which is appealing (unemployed and very bored, remember? Also, I visited and talked to an advisor and I was impressed with what they have to offer). But I worried I'm rushing into this. So my questions are:

Will I be able to find a job w/ a masters in CS or Software Development?

Is the school you go to really important? (Should I jump into DePaul's program because I know I can, or should I hold out and apply to better ranked schools next year?)

Has anyone heard good or bad thing about DePaul's IT programs?

Any advice would be appreciated.

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You should be able to find a job in software development with a Masters in CS.

I've understood over the the period of my education that it helps to try and get your first job through campus interviews because that is the easiest way and that is the only way a lot of good companies will pay attention to you and your skills. Otherwise its a little more difficult to get them to notice you. From that perspective, it also helps to do an internship while you are in school.

It helps if the school you are going to is well known, because then they have more industry contacts and if your final aim is getting a good job, then it will make things easier for your.

I am not aware of how good the computer science program at DePaul is, but you might want to get in touch with some recently graduating or graduated students to find out where there are and what they're doing.

continue taking master degree is not an option to solve an unemployed situation.

from where i came from, it's harder for the master degree to find a job when they have 0 experience.

if I were you, I would continue searching for a career (at least 2 years), then possibly taking a master degree.

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