Hi All,

Age: old (see title - let's just say i was dragged kicking and screaming into the world over 5 years ago and the doctor promptly smacked my mother instead of me 'cos i was so ugly)
Sex: at my age? (used to be as often as possible... as you can see I am NOT pc - like the blonde who complained about not having failed sex when she saw an f next to sex on her drivers licence)
Married: yes (my wife was awarded the medal for bravery at our 30th anniversary last year - i got a smack)
Children: none that my wife knows about
Gender: male
Height: short
Weight: fat
Hair: bald
Eyes: 4
Likes: yes
Dislikes: yes
Tolerant: yes - has anybody noticed that the most INtolerant people are those who want their pecadilloes/deviances/differances to be tolerated?
Experince: 30 years in IT (started as a business analyst, worked my way up to programmer and kept on going to where i kind of know a little about a lot and a lot about a little)
Interests: yes

So, as the lady of ill repute said to the bishop, "its been a business doing pleasure with you!

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thnx, seems like a cool hangout, well, cooler than where I am - the temp is 37deg C/over 100deg F, and that's inside



its like 4 degrees c here lol

that i can live with, started in computers on mainframes in a 16deg c environemnt. loved it...
the temp, i mean, 'tho still in the biz 30yrs later, so must've liked that as well. strange? working on the edge of a desert at the moment - winter like being in a freezer, summer like a hot stove, the longer you sit on it, the more you can't.

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