I was using MS Outlook 2003 with my old laptop computer. Now It's gone :sad: but I have its HardDisk. Now, thanks to an IDE to USB converter, I have access to all those old documents from another computer. I will store important files to another computer and then I will use the emptied HardDisk as a Back Up storage unit. :idea:

Now I want to reach my old Outlook inbox but i don't know how to do it. The old HardDisk is here as is. I mean not even a single document was erased. I'll erase all the files manually after I save/store some important files to another computer. The problem is, I don't know where to find my old emails and how to view them in this new computer's MS Outlook. :sad:

I'd be very happy if you can kindly help.

-email request removed as per forum policy -
Thanks in advance.



I have a similar problem. I lost all my emails when my system crashed but I have backups. Problem is I dont know how to locate the old emails and move them into my current folders. I was told that they were in a IMAC folder or something like that. I have searched my old backups for .pst extensions etc and tried to move them into my current outlook 2003 but nothing happens. I did manage to restore my contacts but not my email folders or emails which I really really need. I am using a utility called acronis 10. I dont want to do a full restore because I am concerned about contaminating drivers I have installed etc.


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