According to the San Fransisco Chronicle Verizon and google are making a deal to make Google the default browser for all Verizon mobile phones. Eflux Media says that Verizon will get part of the adwords revenue.

Almost everyone loves Google but having Google as your only browser choice for your phone could be found to others as a Google take over. The only part of this deal that Verizon still is hesitant to is that Google will keep all search history, Verizon is also very skeptical about Googles new Operating system Android which is suppose to come out some time this year on t-mobile phones.

My take on the whole deal is if Google's mobile phone Operating System does great I hope they won't stop there hopefully they will develop a Operating System for desktops to compete against are two main choices at the moment Microsoft or Apple.

Here are my sources San fransisco Chronicle and eflux media