And Now Google Wants My Netbook Too

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Yesterday, Google announced that they are entering the Netbook operating system market with the Google Chrome OS--a Linux-based, web-oriented effort. On the surface, I see this as yet another ploy to take my Netbook from me. No, Google won't realize any direct profits from taking over my little blue Netbook but it's another attempt at making me remove Windows from it once and for all. Now, why would they want me to do that?

Maybe I can answer that question with the following list:

1. Google Chrome
2. Google Docs
3. Google Calendar
4. Google Apps
5. Google Books
6. Google Earth
7. Google Scholar
8. Google Everything That You Can Think Of

OK, I made up the last one but I think you get my point. These are all free services, you say? Yes, they are free to use but they're going to be linked to advertising--the 'Pay per Click' (PPC) kind.

That isn't so bad, though, is it?

No, PPC advertising isn't bad at all. The ads are unobtrusive and not "in your face."

So, is there any bad news in all this?

Of course there is, otherwise why would I write about it?

The bad news is that PPC advertising isn't where this kind of Netbook is going. You'll be inundated with 'targeted' ads in your inbox, browser, applications and possibly even running along the bottom of your computer screen. Instead of that cute little taskbar, there will be a constant stream of advertising crawling along enticing you to click and buy.

Yes, I know everyone needs to make a profit and as long as you know what you're getting into, that's fine. Please proceed. I just don't want people to walk in to this all starry-eyed hoping for some glittery new operating system to find that it's really an electronic billboard.

Some pundits see the Chrome OS as a Windows killer. Me? Nope. I see it as a Google fundraiser that will have a minor effect on Microsoft's desktop operating system dominance but don't count on any earth-shattering run to Chrome.

Chrome will begin shipping on new Netbooks in 2010. Look for it or look out for it as news unfolds.

What do you think of Google's announcement for their new Chrome OS?

krb_70 0 Newbie Poster

If Chrome OS is open source as promised, no such adware will last long. The project will fork an ad-free version in no time. I think it will be great if it catches on. Folks will finally see what they are paying for ( codecs, patents ) because the 100% free versions will lack exactly those things. Google's version may have proprietary codecs to entice you to their ad-supported version, but I doubt it. I'll choose the Free/Open Source version in any case.

Bobber47 0 Newbie Poster

Many pundits are perceiving of a Google OS in the form of a Microsoft OS where restrictions, control and monitoring are rampant and concealed. But a free, open-source OS can't hide any of that and, as noted, will quickly become free of any encumbrance initially linked anyway. So the paranoid fantasy proposed represents the current Windows model but not a future Chrome OS system : your concerns are relevant to the present but not the future (if you're using Windows).

khess 95 Practically a Master Poster

They have to make money somehow, plus the ads that are generated don't have to be loaded locally, they could be streamed to the OS via some other method. I guess only time will tell.

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