We had a 3-4 on google for key search term. Generally speaking the site is in good shape, but I am starting to slip (now 5).

We have been adding content steadly, but have not added backlinks in some time. We are simply not in a position to do this in-house, and are considering a service such as LinkManager.com to help us both add and manage links.

Any thoughts on this or other affordable (a must) service?

It is very important to always get new backlinks on a regular basis. If you have good, quality content, they will come naturally, as people will want to link to you on their own. Bloggers are great for this. Content is key.

Linkbait is the organic way of link building through your contents... If you have a great and good contents as what cscgal said...People is like linking you to their site...

But the problem is that it will help your backlinks if the one that links to you is related to your site...

Have quality, dynamic content on your site, don't have broken links on your website and also wisely use your meta tags.

backlinks through getting referenced in other blogs is always good... write with solid headline and good content and people will find you... or post at Digg or Sphinn and have others reference you...

be careful using a backlink building software package - they automate emails and are seen as spam... if someone gets one and forwards to google you can get into problems

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