my blog aint even there in the first 10 pages of google when i search for it.How do i make appear first.Someone please help me???

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Well this is a loaded question.

What is the url of your current site? I can give it a once over and tell you some pointers.

Basically you want to keep relative fresh content pouring into your site.

Optimize specific keywords and focus on getting high SERP on those words.

You don't want to make your goals to broad. Focus on a few and then keep moving on to more.

it takes months of hard work to accomplish this and it will not happen over night.

There are tons of SEO companies trying to accomplish what you just asked in a two line question.

all your have to do is to post on your blog regularly and submit it to ping and social bookmarking sites! That's all!

I agree with ~Calyxto~, Regular updates and submission may put you on top of the list... Regards!!!

Its hard but not that hard. Its very hard, but not very hard as you might think it is :)

If you are willing to invest some real sum of money, If you know SEO well enough or if not, hire a expert one who will help you get there. But TIME is main theme. It takes much time


If you are serious about websites and blogging it would pay to get a SEO guy to help you.. Even though SEO is obvious (details all over the net), it is still alot of work!!!

my blog aint even there in the first 10 pages of google when i search for it.How do i make importance of creating ppear first.Someone please help me???

Almost nobody has mentioned the iimportane of creating unique, fresh content. Make stuff. F the short-cuts.

Wow great content..i will also try to implement this to my blog which is a new one -

I am actually trying to understand the ways we can bring traffic.

Make sure update your blog regularly and work on backlinks it will help in getting first page.

Another thing I found out that helps your page appear higher up on the google search engine is to add meta tag keywords in your HTML and making sure you're on the google spider list. Posting about your blog in relevant websites that already are populated also helps draw in traffic as well. Basically web PR is like a snowball the more people you have visiting the site the easier it is to find out about it and as such more people go there. For example, my blog ( ) is about windows mobile phones and in particular the Omnia II so I often go to other sites about WinMo or the Omnia and start a conversation with them about those topics and have my URL as a signature so other viewers of theirs check out my blog as well.

You need to create more and more relevant back links to your site then focus some important keywords to get top on search engines soon.

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