Hello All,

Iv'e posted here a few times.....I was just wondering how much people usually get per click? I just started a Military-related forum/message board, and, Iv'e been consistently getting over $1 a click....

Yesterday, 3-clicks got me $3.53.....

Is this normal?......I'm very new at this.....does Google decide how much a 'click' is worth based on the category or nature of a person's site?....I know different ads are targeted based on different content........but, is it normal for people to pay THAT much for clicks to military-related sites?.....I mean, I certainly have no problem with making that much per click, because all the clicks have been earned because of working extremely hard at directing traffic towards my forum.....it just seems like it should be....well...less than that.....

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You're very lucky ... it depends upon your site's niche. AdWords advertisers bid on keywords ... if a lot of advertisers are bidding a lot of money on the keywords that appear on your site, then you're going to make more money per click.

How well your site performs also plays a role. If your site has a good CTR and users who do click buy products or services from the advertisers (i.e. your traffic converts for the advertisers and produces results) then you're going to get top pick of AdWords bids among other AdSense advertisers who also target the same keywords.

....one click today and about 1,000 impressions....made $1.77....

What's the most everyone here has gotten per click?

There's no way of knowing. If someone gets 100 clicks in a day and makes $75, there's no way to know how much each individual click was.

Also, sharing this data violates AdSense terms of service.

unless they just get one click....lol ;) :)

(if my post was against their TOS, can it be deleted here, somehow?)

It is okay to share how many impressions and the total revenue. However, it violates Google's TOS to disclose your total number of clicks or your CTR. However, I seriously wouldn't worry about it. Saying that so far you've received one click can hardly be seen as violating anything.

if my post was against their TOS, can it be deleted here, somehow?

hahaha .... u r really scared of google !!!!
but still want ot say i never got that much per click from google.

WOW that is great! Keep making more pages with more ads then.. You have hit on a good keyword...

im missing something here.... can someone explain pelase? so you set up a non selling webisite, but you allow google adverts on your webpage, then everytime someone enters your site and clicks on the ad you get paid per click..?


That's how it usually works ;).....although, my message board isn't on my own forum yet......I have it hosted on proboards....which is a FREE service, although, I'm paying $7.00 a month for their Ad-free service. They remove all of their own ads for that price. It's worth it though, if you have the traffic....to generate clicks..... to cover your own costs, with Google Adsense.......

i would again say that this because of your topic that you choose yes the millitary forum
it will definately attract many viewer's on the net and try to keep good advertiser's
as the advertisement also matters alot
its a good start wish you luck

$3.53 for 3 clicks is amazing.

its normal to get 1$ per click,

but it depends more on your website content, if your content its about affiliate programs, loan, mortgage, rent a car or hotels you can get more than that :)

true topic of content has impact on CPC

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