Ok so here's the deal. I have a few site, and all but one of them is listed on google. Granted they are all pretty new, 3 months or less, but every one has multiple pages listed on MSN, Altavista and Yahoo to name a few.

The one site not listed on google is crawled daily by all the major search engines. Its a store so the items are all in Google base and show up on Froogle but no pages in the general search. Is there any way or indication that would show if I am banned from Google? And if I am how could I know what went wrong and how long that site will be out of the general searches?

Would love to hear from some of the wiser heads on this board b/c this is baffling me.

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Type the following into Google search bar:

site:yourdomain.com (Use your real domain)

If your site is over six months old and nothing appears you may be banned.

If your site is less then six months old and nothing appears then you may be banned or Google may not be aware of you yet. If you haven't submitted a Google SiteMap you should do so right away. Also get some incoming links to point to your website.

If your site does come up, even if it is only one page, then you are not banned.

Thanks for the advice John. I do use the Google webmaster tools and have submitted a sitemap of that site to them but I'm still not in the index.

If am am banned I would love to know why and how long it takes until I can get in. My site is less than 6 months old btw.

If you haven't done anything wrong, and you would know if you did, then the odds are you are not banned. But, if you still think that you are, you can file a reinclusion request with Google. I am pretty sure you can get to it from Google Webmaster Tools.

Google is also pretty good at personally responding to all emails they receive. Even if it's a form letter reply (which it typically is) it's usually relevant / accurate info.

Ok so here's the deal. I have a few site, and all but one of them is listed on google.

If the website is not banned, you could probably speed up the indexing process by linking to it from your other sites (that are indexed / crawled by Google). Unless, of course, if that's not practical for business reasons.

Backlinks usually speed up the indexing process, at least in my experience.

Hope that helps! Good luck.


If your site doesn't shows up on the first 50 pages, you are most likely banned.

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