Hello fellow DaniWeb members. With all the buzz on gaining link popularity and improving PR, let me share a thought on the subject.

The ultimate nirvana is to have high PR sites linking to you, one way (no recip), with your most coveted keywords as anchor text.

Now pull out your Rolodex, or open Outlook, Entourage, or whatever software you use to manage your contacts. Browse through your vendors, partners, customers, and THINK really hard. What can I do to get them to link to me? Can I offer something to my customer or vendor in exchange for a link or two? Are you an e-commerce merchant? Perhaps a discount code in exchange for an inbound link. Are you a valuable customer to a particular vendor? If so, try to get a link from them. It's a small price to pay to keep you happy and for them to keep you on their good side. Por exemple, if I buy 10,000 widgets per year from company XYZ, I will make sure XYZ links to me (unless they have good reason not to).

Inbound links from high PR sites, particullarly industry leaders will pay off big time with respect to improving postion on the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). Networking within your industry is an exteremely powerful tool at your disposal.

Feel free to share your ideas thoughts, and comments within this thread on the topic. I'd love to hear from you!

Avi Wilensky
DaniWeb Internet Market Moderator

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That would be great if only I could think of anything. What, oh what, do I have to offer? I don't deal with retail at all, and it would be counterproductive to offer some free advertising. Any ideas?

>Any ideas?

mod rewrites? threads about them?


As you can see, I already have a bunch of mod_rewrite tutorials for vBulletin that get a SIGNIFICANT amount of traffic. Back when I first released the tutorial, I sorta got conned into doing so by Morgan ;) About a month later, I was like: "Oh, shit! I should have posted somewhere in the tutorial that I'd like a link back!" But I feel that if I went back and did that now it would be sorta rude and inappropriate. Unless, of course, I can do it tactfully ;)

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