I have pretty good rankings in google for my keywords. I have a lot of pages spidered by google and a good number of backlinks using my keywords of choice as anchor text. However, I'm still having a problem getting good rankings in Yahoo!, MSN, and Overture. I was always under the impression that the same general criteria (backlinks, etc.) played a similar role in all of the engines. What can be done to raise my rankings in the non-google engines? TIA!

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Yeah in google when i search my site the link i posted about my site here comes up but in msn your site does not show up as relevant at all.

I guess I just always figured that if you try for the google rankings, the others will just naturally follow. But now I'm stuck and willing to invest in non-google SEO - I just don't know what I'm doing wrong or where to start.

yeah msn is probbaly going to be the new thing. I think that which ever engine (google or msn) comes out with some of the services that yahoo offers like geocities then they will come out on top

Look to your on-page optimization. That may be what is lacking.

Yahoo (and the old MSN which I think uses the yahoo engine) focus much more on on-page optimization rather than themed anchor text links.

Besides yahoo is reluctant to add sites which do not pay them to be placed. Moost of the sites on yahoo are the ones which were added quite a while back.

Well I am definitely in Yahoo's index. If I do a search for keywords that are specific to my site, i.e. "daniweb" or "computer i.t. forum" then I rank #1. But other than those two, I have yet to see myself rank for anything at all. :(

yeah i do personally feel MSN and Yahoo do not play the ranking game fairly by putting those who dish out money to be #1 then those who truely deserve it

Google definitely seems to be the best ranking system. No coincidence that google is also the most popular search engine today.

Yahoo! and MSN, in my opinion are not playing fair. It's very obvious when you search for your website even by its name and it doesn't show at all in their search.

I know MSN is much more orientated to anchor text.

Well msn is still in beta stages so you can only hope that by the time final comes out they will have a better ranking algorithm but from the look of things google sieems to be the best bet. Yahoo can bring you alot of good targetted traffic but in small volume.

new to the boards here, but have been reading posts here for awhile and have learned alot. I started a computer company last year and have been doing great and i am trying to expand towards the internet more but having troubles finding my site in the search engines. Well tell me what you think, still have some tweaking to do but its getting there.



msn and yahoo are actually far easier to do seo for than google is.

msn is like candy from a baby right now. bulk low quality links from a wide variety of sites using mixed keyword rich anchor text links really helps you do well in MSN and Yahoo!.

I usually register new sites at about 100 directories. plus you can ask some of your buddies who are linking to you to use better anchor text and the like too

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