hi i'm new here , there is this website <URL SNIPPED> belongs to my buddy, and his english is not fluent , the problem is , this website is online since 2000 AD , it contains many forums , the total posts are more than 2,600,000 while registered users are 87 thousands. regardless all what i mentioned , there is somethig wrong with it m google has not indexed 1000 pages yet . Although its so vital but the ranking (either alexa or google) isnot as expected.
i'm no good with the internet at all :sad:
is there anyone can help ? or where should i go ? how much should i pay , does XML has anything to do for promoting this website , what is XML ... Too many questions and i have no idea at all .
please, anyone ant to help , i'm kindly asking you to be simple as much as you can .
F.Y.I, its an arabic website , anyoe can be can supooirtive ,please do so , and i aplogize if i posted in the wrong forum , or if it was illegal.

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1) Please post your URL in the forum signature so we can examine your site. It is against DaniWeb.com's policy to include URL's in this section.

2) Many indexing problems with forums have to do with lack of mod_rewrite.
It is possible that the URL's are so long and messy, the bots get tangled up and don't index them.

The bots could be leaving the site as they follow other links. Sometimes it takes weeks for a bot to follow a new thread on a site that it reagularly indexes.

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