I'd love to hear some theories about why Google is so stingy with the backlinks credited to websites. Although my Resume website has 101 links across the internet (according to Google) only 17 of these are credited as backlinks.

Any ideas on what makes the baclinks count?

Google fully recognizes all backlinks that you have. However, when you do a link: query in Google, it is meant to only be a general overview of the sites that link to you. Often only a couple pages per domain name are listed, and they are generally the better of the sites that do link to you. I'm not sure if that answers your question?

Thanks for this reply. That's a bit encouraging!

Use Yahoo to gain a more accurate picture of your backlink stucture. Google is very elusive on what it likes to reveal to the public.

I think the linkdomain command on Yahoo is far superior to the way link command on Google. When performing a linkdomain:yourdomain.com query on Yahoo, you will not only get a complete picture of who is linking to your domain (whereas Google only shows links to a specific page), but Yahoo tends to serve the results in top-down order of what it perceives as the highest quality link partners.

A great tool for analyzing your backlink structure is Link Harvester. It's free, and I use it daily.

Thanks for the reply re "link:domain" on Yahoo. This is a new one to me. I used the format link :<URL SNIPPPED> and got a much more satisfying array of Resume, curriculum vitae - cv - links than on Google.



In my opinion, Google read your backlinks weather it is do follow or no follow, However, Google hide most of your backlinks and show few backlinks from authority sites to protect your site from Seo that spying your backlinks

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