OK the way I see is that page rank is WAYYYYYY overrated and people need to stop judging qaulity of sites simply by this factor.

For example.. with googles new patent out.. and algo's changing everyone's pr is going to change drastically... does this mean that these

sites are no longer valuable because PR says so?

It just seems odd to me why we are basing alot of our "know how" on some algo that changes every so often.

Googles new Beyesian filtering system is going to put an end to the false sites.. keyword stuffers etc etc.

In a nut shell here is my take on this whole ball of wax... recips although effecting for backlinks & popularity will really not genrate the

sales/conversions/signups that you are looking for...

Keyword stuffers.... need I eevn respond?

False content... this is by far the ultiamte no no .. and you will get banned right away on this one.. for the noobs.. this is when you say

"Pamela Anderson" for a title ona page that is about Web Hosting.

Google... #1.. will and always shall be so long as they do not sell... So fee dit everything it wants..

Clean HTML
Proper Content
As many backlinks as possible
Do Not Submit using addurl.html or any submission software

MSN and Yahoo are alot more forgiving with these.

Moving along...

Hitbot/AltaVista... do not under estimate these.. many people loose focus .. these are in fact factored into the rest of the engines...

PPC or Paid Inclusions or ANy other Services like this....

VEYR tricky here... if you have a unique product these work great.. broader subjects like.. "Casino" or "Credit Card Debt" or "Adult COntent"

or" Web Hsoting" this is simply a waste of money as the big boys have all these locked up...

The paid inclusions are simply for the impatient webmaster...plain and simple...

If your site is spider friednly the engines will frind you regardless...

I guess this completes my rant I hoep my information has been soaked in and commented on by webmasters on this forum..

I am on a bunch of other boards which I will not mentoon because that is rude... but I do know my stuff and I have been doing this for quite

sometime and the research at hand is for no personal gain obviously.. but just to shed some lgiht off my own expierences.

God Bless & Good Luck

Can please make your point in short ?
Long post create confusion and focus get shifted

I agree, this post is not very clear. You have some valid points, but please spread each idea into different topical conversations.