I want to know the meaning of Google Algorithm. If possible then provide me effective tutorial or any material from which I can understand it well.

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If anyone know it completly be sure he never talk about it.
But you asked it for increasing your traffic, there are a lots of thread about it.

I agree! But I think only 1 in a 100 people know about it. And probably they won't say such thing about it. Because it's Google Algorithm itself. No one knows it...

Hi, jesica

I don't there would be a accurate or real answer on your question. :) Generally speaking, it would relate to how Google indexes, ranks and provides SERP.

For a list of ranking factor, I would suggest the article on seomoz.org/article/search-ranking-factors#overview

wish this help, :)

Ever wondered how the Google algorithm really works? I've gathered some info from trusted sources as to how Google ranks pages. This is information piled together from Google, Matt Cutts and others about how the algorithm works. (Roughly).

PR(A)=1-d +d(PR(B)/L(B))+(PR(C)/L(C))+........+(PR(N)/L(N))
where d is a dampin factor whose value is 0.85
The above alogrithm is used by google

The Google Algorithm is the equation they use to rank websites in their search results. It contains secret elements and they give these elements varying and unknown weight to make the decision on where a web page will end up for a search of a particular keyword.

Google algorithm is just a formula from which your site pr and serp result will be calculated.

Google algorithm is the formula they use to arrange the positions in the search results. It contains elements of confidentiality and they give these items of varying weight and is known to make a decision on the location of a Web page at the end of the day for the inspection of keyword.Google special algorithm stands for the numerical representation of the page.

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