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I ran a backlink checker and it said I had 40+ outbound links from my sites, I know I only have <5 on all the sites. Do search engines count adsense as outbound links now? I thought it was ignored bc its jscript.

Adsense is not considered as OBLs... It is just like a widget (javascripts)....


If you are using google adsense then it would not be considered as outbound links. But if you have any other adsense program then just check if it has direct links or it uses Javascript. If its Javascript it will not be considered as outbound. yes if its has direct links then it would be considered as outbound links.

can you post your link let us check out :)


Check out the site reviews forum ... you can ask for a site review about anything from web design to whether you think the site has good usability or you can request an seo evaluation.

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