As many of you may be aware, DaniWeb was originally hit by the Google Panda algorithm back in February. We finally made a full recovery (and then some!) during the Panda update at the end of July.

We were just hit by Panda yet again this past week, which was the next Panda iteration after our recovery. Soooo ... now what? I've made some improvements to page load time and worked to decrease bounce rate. I've been fully documenting everything I've done here:

I guess we need to wait until the next Panda iteration (whenever that ends up being) to see if we'll recover? Does anyone know of any recoveries from Panda in-between Panda rollouts? Also, has anyone else been hit, made a complete recovery, and then been hit yet again? We're losing 50%+ of our traffic each time, so it's a definite yoyo.

well i don't know about recovery but the links of my website have decreased from 23000 to 21000, please guide me how can i cope with this problem?

It is hard as Google keeps changing there algorithm. Its hard to keep up.

Hi, Dani. I have followed your writings on Google Webmaster. My site was hit on April 10. It appears that the panda penalty is applied for a specific amount of time, rounded in whole months. You recovered almost exactly 5 months after the penalty was first applied. The websites that have suffered on April 10 had copied content on their site, so, I imagine, Google decided that justified a more severe penalty. My website has also suffered from the April 10 penalty because I had IRS articles on my site that were reformatted for better reading and had a few other advantages over the original IRS articles. I did not present these as my own — I did state on my website that they were reformatted IRS articles — but I did feel that I had added value to them. I don't think I did anything wrong since the IRS articles are not copyrightable and I did add value to them. However, I removed the articles back in April, and yet, my site has not recovered at all. However, I do expect a full recovery on October 10, exactly 6 months after this penalty was applied to my site, especially since Matt Cutts said to expect a ranking reshuffle over the next couple weeks. It appears that this is the way that Google applies penalties. Because as I have mentioned in your thread on Google Webmaster, the only sites that I know to have recovered from the February 24 penalty are your site and Both sites have recovered at the same time. The penalty that you suffered on September 28 was probably just an anomaly. So, I am expecting that the websites that have removed most of their copied content will recover on October 10 — at least, that is what I hope. Here is some official evidence that the panda penalties are applied for a specific time period, in this short YouTube video by Matt Cutts:

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serious pain in the head from Panda... urghhhh..

Dani your doc's are a great help... Thank you

Quality content is still one key to make it to the top again. I have sites that are hit too. i just hope they recover as soon as possible.

Moving content from sub folders to subdomains managed to get around panda on my test sites after they got hit (they are test sites so are there to keep track of the algorightm, I have LOADS, that are each weighted in content or link building to a particular element.

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