For Seo either PHP is best or HTML is best one????

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I think PHP is best better then HTML for SEO.


It doesn't really matter about the format - it depends on the content and if you are targeting Google in particular be aware Google pays most attention to your url and backlinks to your site. Don't pay for links from link farms as that is very outdated and frowned upon and don't indulge in 'I link to you, you link to me' offers as those links count for nothing.

Use PHP and mod_rewrite as HTML file

Php is better

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PHP IS HTML by the time it gets to the user agent.

PHP is best

There is no doubt , PHP is better .

HTML is a client-side markup language. Everything on the web uses HTML. PHP is a server-side language that lets you send different content to different visitors and make a website interactive. It outputs HTML.

PHP is the best because it has lot of plugins to make SEO friendly website.

Yes, I also suggest you PHP but also make sure that for SEO other most impotant factor is your content, so keep your content updated.

I think Html is best for seo.

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