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I have a manually created website(not by me, but by some professionals). I am desperate because of the weak SEO performance this website has. I have tried everything to increase it, but with no success. The website itself has almost 1000 festivals uploaded with pictures, events, places, content. ( Daily visitors are about 20 to 35. Recently I've asked myselft it is a good idea to integrate my actual website (the content and the rest of the design) with WordPress? Or is it possible anyway?

If any of you agrees, please notify me.

Thank you.

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I think that your idea seems good

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I think that your idea seems good

ya, in your case, it's probably best to use some kind of content management system (CMS), such as blogging. Wordpress is ok but I find blogger better. That's just me though. Others prefer Joomla. The platform is irrevelant provided you can emphasize your keyword phrases seamlessly throughout the presentation.

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