If my site is http://www.mysite.com and I have a wordpress blog mapped as http://blog.mysite.com is that good or bad for SEO? Or doesn't it matter....?

I would imagine it's better than http://mysite.wordpress.com - correct?

Any thoughts? Thanks!

If you dont create backlinks it doesnt matter

you don't need to do SEO for this sub-domain, because you are going to install blog in this sub domain and blog just wants social media for its better SEO, and my advice is this try to keep update your site with search engine and keep your posting constantly. thanks

If you are creating site on wordpress and you don't have your own domain and hosting then you won't be able to use advertisement.

SavingPocket - there will be backlinks from the blog to the site, and visa versa. That is my question - I think that it would be fine for SEO, and not be a problem.

ProSence - I'm not interested in advertising, so this isn't a worry. In fact, we will probably pay the $30/year to eliminate all wordpress advertising on the blog pages as well.

Thanks all

I agree that sub domain will be better than one with wordpress on it. Build deep links from your blog to several web pages, not just the home page.

Thanks getmused -

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