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no brother, i mean "translated foreign pages", like if what we are looking for over the web is actually can be found in another language, say spanish, then google used to have this option to type the query in english and then google automatically translates the keyword into spanish and then look it all over the web into the websites whose text is written in Spanish, not in english language. it used to be in

<< Search tools >> (as show in your graphic)

  • upon clicking "search tools", google used to show other options such as "the web". "Any time", and "ALL RESULTS"
  • upon clicking "ALL RESULTS", google shows more options such as "verbatim", "sites with images", "not yet visited". now in this menu, we used to have "FOREIGN TRANSLATED PAGES" option, right above the "verbatim" option. now its not there!!!!!!!!! HELP

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