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jithuwebtech commented: image optimization mean spider doesn't read images it only read texts so we need to read image then we use the ALT tag for reading the images +0

Google search engine can crawl only the text. they cant crawl the images. so we informed those ways with "alt" attributes. So Google will crawl our images then displayed in search result.

Optimizing an image is very useful for bloggers, especially those who write themes about fashion, travel, photography, beauty and wellness and everything that relates to the most popular hobbies of people. Using the right image encourages people to share the page to other users, in effect, create back links. In addition, putting the right keywords in the file name will also help search engine determine relevancy to the site's content.

you have to put your image on the Google or you desired place on the search engine then take its url and start to optimism it

Image optimization is all about adding image to alt tags. Image can be an effective SEO source. If a site accommodate too abounding images, one can add alt tags in images using keywords in alt tags. Adding alt tags in images is like assuming search engine bots the name of image.

You can optimize your images by putting alt text on link of an image, this will help your images to get index on search enignes.

Hi Mukes:

There are a few things you can do to optimize your images:

1. ALT TAG your image.
2. Check your load time with one of the online tools. If you have too many images, load time suffers.
3. You can also edit your images to reduce the load time. Again, there are several tools you can use on line. Personally, I tried this once, and I do not feel it decreased my load time. Your results may vary.


Google can not crawl images and flash use keywords as a name of the image is known as image optimizations.

Google crawl only text Google can not crawl images for image you can try 'alt' attribute.

properly optimizing images involves using the "Alt" attribute when adding images to your site. Basically Google Crawlers cannot read images, so you add the "Alt" attribute to tell these crawlers what it is. What you place here also is what is shown in the event the image doesn't load (say someone is using a web browser that is not compatible for some reason).

It is the process of making graphic arts ready for a website.Image optimization services as a part of seo process.Image optimization consist of strategies to make your graphic search engine friendly.

Make your image web specific through Photoshop or other tools, edit image save it from save for web option(take less loading), use keyword in title and ALT tags for optimizing images from SEO point of view.

Google does not crawl images but it crawls text. So, we give alt attributes to these images.