Bing Webmaster Tools SEO Analyzer feature has an error message "There are multiple <h1> tags on the page." Are there really not allowed to be multiple H1 tags on the page?

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Are there really not allowed to be multiple H1 tags on the page?

I've always wondered as well. however, i've stuck with the use of only one h1 per page. Mainly because while you wont find any standards that say you cannot use more than one per page, you do find that the h1 element indicates that it is the heading as the most important, which is a clear indication to me that most important means, one, top, starting point, etc...


I have found some examples on the w3 site where they show sample markup with more than one h1 element in the sample so that should indicate its OK, to have more than one h1 per page, but in those cases, there was only one h1 per <section> element, once again..indicating most important.

Here is a video by googlewebmasterhelp where the presenter indicates its OK to have more than one per page, but a web developer should not "over" do it.


I always use one <H1> tag per page. The focus keywords should be placed within this tag coz it informs Google about the keywords targeted by the page. I dont know why you would use multiple <H1> tags. Better use <H2> or <H3> tags if you want to highlight multiple keywords.

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mostly <h1> tag is used for denoting the titles and other tags from <h2> to <h6> are used to give subheadings, keywords and content.

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