I want to know about Google Adsense and Adwords.

If a purchase Adwords package of my advertisement worth amount $500 per month.

If i also use Adsense, can i make $1000 per month after using $500 in Google Adwords.

Waiting for experts answers, and also from those person who have use these techniques before.


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Seems to me like the two Google ad features don't interact very much; one doesn't affect the other.

Google Adwords is used to advertise to your site, you can build traffic and very good traffic using it, but, It will cost you for the keywords you want to advertise and target. For example, for my web site, I pay 3.75$ per click for Web hosting keywords and 1.25$ for best host keyword That's the difference ! It's only the number of traffic the keyword have. For adsense, You can even make 20 000$ per month IF you have good traffic, good ads placement and good visitors. It have nothing to do with adwords !

If i also use Adsense, can i make $1000 per month . . .

You would need a LOT of traffic to make $1000 per month with AdSense. Even if you are getting 1000 visitors per day to your site, you will be lucky to get a $100 cheque from Google every six months.

I wanted to inform that when I started with Google Adsense, I got to to wait 2 Years for getting my first check ;)

is really depends on u r site and site content if u got good visitors and some good keywords with high click rate then i guess $1000 per month is possible .. there are many people making well over $20000 per month from adsense

Dear freind
How can i open an adsense account from the country, that is not exist
in the list of google (like Iran).

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