it is major question how much seo will change in 2014, i think focus will be on much more in SMO and twitter will play important role in 2014 SEO

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prophets of doom have been there in seo since 101. as long as people are looking for things online, seo will always be alive and kicking

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I have no idea about it.SMO always play most important role in ranking.Now we just wait what are changes in 2014.

I think social media activities and blog posting will play more important role in 2014

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Most likley alot since Hummingbird will take full effect in 2014. Plus there will always be SEO updates from Google. But then again like chrisgaza said " prophets of doom have been there in seo since 101. as long as people are looking for things online, seo will always be alive and kicking"

You'll likely see localize search improving. Social media will play a more important role in acrediting local business listings. Google+ will be vital in the scheme of evolving these things but Facebook triggers will be basically non-existent in Google results.

If I was to predict anything at all search related it would be that Google will experience a bit of trouble internationally as a result of ongoing Snowden revelations. But they won't be alone. Microsoft, Facebook and Apple will suffer a bit from that internationally too.

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Ya it is really going to be intresting i guess there will major changes smo
now search engine is more dependable on social media sites becouse social media sites are lots of visiters and new content

I thinks Pay per Click takes the place of SEO in 2014.

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I don't think that PPC can take place of SEO in 2014 bcz PPC based on paid marketing which is to costly, whereas SEO is a organic marketing.. May be in upcoming months Google will do some updates and algorithm but I don't think through those updates a white hat SEO will be effected

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seo is here to stay, social media is just another cog in your overal seo strategy

Yes I agree with mildred2013 comment that is : seo is here to stay, social media is just another cog in your overal seo strategy. Now a days normally SEO guys are also performing SMO activites which is a plus point and really beneficial for a site. Through SEO we can get traffic from search engine which will take some time and with the help of SMO we can get direct traffic on our site which is beneficial to get organic rank

SMO is a another way of promoting the website or generating traffic and seo is used for incrasing backlinks.

Social media will surely play an important role in promoting any website but things would not be much different from 2013, you should be using unique content all the time and use as many different ways to get backlinks as possible and make sure that you do not build spam links. Quality Backlinks with quality content would still be the key to get good search engine rankings.

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There may be some changes in SEO but I think SEO will play important role in 2014.

In 2014 more focus is given on Quality of the content not on the quantity of the content.

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It may based on SMO and Mobile apps

Social media is best to increase the trrafic . But for SEO i think Blog posting play the most rols. So 2014 will be the real output of Hummingbird and Experts will be more aggresive to follow it.

social media activities and other useful seo activities also play a very important role in that,mainly for 2014 social media activities is the jackpot

I think blog posting and commenting and article submission play important role in SEO im morden era.

i think google are looking at it on a month by month basis rather than a yearly basis. Algorithms will get more and more tight, offering only the BEST results to users when they search

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