Hi all, I do not intend to spam the SE's but my site has a row of link buttons along the top and the bottom. Register, profile, members, blah, blah

I just did a search engine simulation and the text for these was right at the beginning of the page. These have no relevance to my page content and therefore dilute the copy optimisation.

Is there any way that I can tell a spider to stay away from a block of code?
Maybe put it in a different page and use an include statement?? Can you stop an SE following an include statement??

Any ideas guys?

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You can use css to position both the top and bottom row of links, while keeping both at the bottom of the page in the source. It is not hard you just need some absolute positioning.

An other option would be to create the links with some javascript. The search engines do not read the javascript, most of the time, maby some only read some very basic js.


Don't change a thing. Whatever test you ran is a joke and you should ignore. Those links and their placement will not harm your site.

By changing your code to make it inaccessible to the search engines you are making inaccessible to some human beings. And you would be doing it for no gain.


Don't change anything. You're fine. That tool gave you bad information. Most SEO tools do that.

Very true, and i agree with you on your previous post.
But it is possible to do and sometimes can be usefull to make stuff inaccesible.


Ok, I'm not going to risk changing anything. Thanks for your edvice guys.

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