I am looking for a Bulleting Board / Forums which is :-

1) SEO Friendly .
2) Make the threads in html extension as is done in this forum .No php / aps / aspx extension are preferred
3) Either free or availble at a nominal fees
4) Should work on Linux Server and Windows Server
5) Support should available

I was wondering that what are the options available .I have seen that this Dani Forum itself is using " vBulletin" with html thread.

Please let me know the good optionsavailable as per your expereince .I need to use over my different websites

Any comments friends ?

Dani can you throw some light on your own use of vBulletin bulleting board implementation where every thread has got html extension.

There are some forum systems which are SEO'd by default ... I used to know of at least one of them but I can't remember right now.

Your best bet is to go with something such as vBulletin and then to apply my SEO hack at http://www.daniweb.com/techtalkforums/thread35147.html

It's ultra simple to apply and it's what I use here at DaniWeb.

Most of the Popular forums/BB's have the above said feature's . vBulletin, IPB, phpBB, SMF ..

there is a hack on vBulletin that makes the url's more SE friendly i.e instead of forums/thread1922.html it'll be like forums/complete_topic_name_t1922.html

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