I am looking for a Bulleting Board / Forums which is :-

1) SEO Friendly .
2) Make the threads in html extension as is done in this forum .No php / aps / aspx extension are preferred
3) Either free or availble at a nominal fees
4) Should work on Linux Server and Windows Server
5) Support should available

I was wondering that what are the options available .I have seen that this Dani Forum itself is using " vBulletin" with html thread.

Please let me know the good optionsavailable as per your expereince .I need to use over my different websites

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Any comments friends ?

Dani can you throw some light on your own use of vBulletin bulleting board implementation where every thread has got html extension.


Most of the Popular forums/BB's have the above said feature's . vBulletin, IPB, phpBB, SMF ..

there is a hack on vBulletin that makes the url's more SE friendly i.e instead of forums/thread1922.html it'll be like forums/complete_topic_name_t1922.html

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