I am looking for webmasters who are interested in helping each other.
We all know that it take lots of time to contact webmasters and then sending them link request and all the process.

I already have few webmaster contact details with me and we all help each other as we get any project we provide one way links to each other when ever required so this reduce all of our work little bit and help in search engine ranking also.

SO if webmasters available at great Dani web also interested in working together and helping each other buy providing each other one way link when ever required by any one its will help all of us.

What we do now is if i need real estate links i contact my webmaster friends who have website related to real estate and say to provide one way link from your website to client website and they also do the same when ever they require one way links the ask us and we do the same.

So if u r also interested pls post ur messages here or send email in PM so i can contact.


Why don't you just ask us if we want to participate in a linking scheme?

Ok I ask you if u want to participate in a linking scheme.


No because it is a great way to get penalized or banned and is not worth the risk. I rather write good content and get quality links then links through methods like this.

Ok I ask you if u want to participate in a linking scheme.


Thanks but no thanks. I think I'll change my fishing line to a twenty pound test instead. Looks like the pike are getting active on the lake. Then I'll do like John and create content that people naturally want to link to.