Hey, there is a backlink update in progress.

Your new results can be viewed on this google datacenters so far:

Our website www.ewebdevelopment.net moved up from 109 to 139 :)

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Thanks for the update bbott, it's appreciated.

Thanks for the update bbott, it's appreciated.

Google undid the recent backlink update. :eek:

They undid it? Whats with that?

Who knows. Perhaps something went wrong and they rolled it back. Perhaps they're messing with our heads :mrgreen:

Another google backlink update

Google Updated Backlinks

Dated : 14-Sep-2006

My client site backlinks goes from 208 to 356.

Can somebody predict PR Update. I hope it wil be due in next 15 days. Isn't it ??

mine is from 102 to 254. Very happy about that, excited for pr update now

We cant see any chage in back links here in India

mine is from 102 to 254. Very happy about that, excited for pr update now

Any increase helps :)
Thanks for the heads up :)


Is this back-link update true!

I dont think so, as is don't see any difference in any of my websites :(

This following website usually provides relevant reports about BL and PR updates:


Yes, but it is specified as "July 13, 2006" in the given URL, then how it is possible now? Please help I really need to know whether the backlinks update is hapenning or not :!:


Thanks for the info :)

But i think this URL is not an updated one :(

Well, may be but I haven't noticed any changes in my BL since a long time.
There were some changes in Yahoo and MSN, but not Google as I know.

25,000 backlinks for me. Haven't been keeping a close eye on it so I have no idea when that happened.

All right !
here we are:

2006 Waiting TBPR Export Estimation Jan 28 4
2006 Waiting GDPR Export Estimation Mar 19 286
2006 Waiting BL Export Estimation Oct 28 4
2006 Sep 28 TBPR & BL Export: Toolbar Pagerank & BL Export.

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