I did a ton of research on wordtracker and one of the keywords my co used in the past shows 0 searches in 90 days. Management says that wordtracker cannot be accurate because they have done google searches using that keyword. How can I explain this to them when I'm a little puzzled myself? I'm a big advocate of wordtracker but is it odd that a lot of our keywords are not even showing up in wordtracker's database? Please advise. No one likes bad news and I've been delivering bad news-I just want to be able to back up the research. Thanks.
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Wordtracker gets its information from only one source. If that source isn't the same one you used then it obviously won't know about it.

And you have to keep in mind that tools like Wordtracker are not to be taken literally. The numbers presented should not be used literally at all. You are supposed to look at the volume of keyword searches by volume relative to each other and major search terms. That will give you an idea of how frequently a search term is being used. The fact that Wordtracker showed no results for those keywords means that it's search volume is extremely low which is all you need to know. Whether it is 1 search or 100 searches doesn't matter. You now know what kind of volume it has and what to expect in terms of competitiveness and traffic.

Google Trends is a good tool to be used in conjunction with keyword tools like Wordtracker.

I use Good keywords and it works fine for me. IMO try to use multiple tools to be on a safer side.

FYI, Good Keywords pulls stale data from overture which hasn't been update since January. I'd move on to a different source if I were you.

Better to use another tools like adword keyword tools one that you can take a look on.

I think, Google Adword Keyword Suggestion tool will be much more effective to get an idea about keywords than wordtracker and overture.... But yes, tools like wordtracker and overture has a very old age and most of webmaster trust them....

Yep, it's better to use multiple tools than to relying a single tool that you are not sure how accurate it is.