They are gradually ranking better on yahoo and google and were ranking really well on msn for a year+ then the past couple of weeks one by one they are no where to be found on msn. I havent changed anything and they arent spam sites. Does msn have new guidlines I dont know about with their live search?

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Does msn have any kind of limit to how many adsense ads can be on a certain page?

Are you sure you're "banned" on MSN?

In the query box, type and see if it shows up.

Ok Im not banned but I have lost ranking on all my sites on msn. They ranked fine when live was first launched but now they went from top 10 to not found in the top 1000

When you say you don't rank, do you mean for a particular keyword? Search engines are constantly improving their algorithms - sometimes you'll rank good for one thing and bad for something else, and then next month you rank good for another thing entirely.

Yeah I have 3 sites and they all ranked really well for a bunch of keywords on msn for a long time, but now nothing. Im not really sure what happened.

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