Such as this one...
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I have tried it and it basically removes all spaces and linefeeds from your page. I reduces the size of the html file considerably.

I am wondering if they adversly affect the way you are indexed by google. Do they make it more difficult for the bots to read your page?

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Why would a bot care about white-space characters or code comments? No, such a tool would have no adverse effect.

Good... I think Ill compress all of my pages...
I realize a lot of people are still on 56k(as I am) and its a pain to wait for the pages to load especially when there are a lot of pics.

Thanks :)


Removing the extra space and comment is not going to help you in anyways! Try to optimize images and make the website load faster :)

It could help quite a bit with text-heavy pages. It definitely helps with forums.


But i feel, removing the comment tags are not good for programming part! What do you feel :)

Dynamic whitespace strippers operate on deliverable content, so your pages are still fully editable with whitespace and comments intact.

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