I'm using phpbb for my whole website http://www.SetAFocus.com ... using "phpbb fetch all" to integrate them into pages and make it magazine-like. Am I trying too hard that it messes up the flow of the website and turning off visitors from registering? There are times I'd want to make it back into the default portal page like here:



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You Never Ccan Try to Hard, Just Try to Must and Blow your Mind! Try to have Fun with everything you do with your site. Don't Make it your center of your life! Try to have a good time with everything!

I think your site right now looks very P.I.M.P.! Keep it up!


I really like your homepage ... definitely keep the idea where you throw forum elements into a homepage that doesn't look like the forum. I tried doing that on the daniweb.com homepage but I think you did a better job at it than I did.

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