I am currently Building a program where various forms of advertising will be sold. I really don't feel confident in developing the TOS. Does anyone know where I can Get a good list of TOS or does anyone have a list they might share with me.


I'm not sure right now of any existing TOS helper tutorials or that sort. However, your site is yours, and you know what you want to get out of it and what you don't want your visitors to get away with. What I would do is go around to various popular websites and read their TOS. In your case, read the TOS for sites such as Burst! Media, ValueClick, Google AdWords/AdSense, and the like. See what they say and for each point they make, note whether you agree or disagree with it. Create a bulleted list, so to speak. Once you think you're confident with the list, translate that list into words.

It's hard for us to help you any further as you haven't provided us with the details of your advertising program. Every site on the net that works in a different way needs to be protected against different things. i.e. a TOS from my site most certainly won't work on yours.

What I would recommend doing is checking out other TOS's out there. Create a bulleted list of points you want to make. And then post that here along with a brief description of the program you're building. I'll then be able to offer more assistance.

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