hi there i have built a few basic web sites and would now like to open an online store.
can someone point me in the right direction as im not sure where to start.
im only a learner and the sites i have got online are very basic.
i have basic html skills and use dreamweaver. cheers gallopers

Would recommend a good domain name related to what you are selling and a good title for that page. Make it google friendly (search for that on their page) and be patient with getting indexed.

what do you mean by online store would you sell your own products or affliates from ebay, amazon ?

i want to sell some surf gear online in Australia.

What you need is to add some shopping cart software, below are some options :

1. setup a webpage and add some photos on what you want to sell, and add use paypal..

2. create a shopping cart with yahoo:
smallbusiness.yahoo.com/ecommerce/ or google: checkout.google.com/

3. Setup oscommerce.com on a hosting account and just add paypal

Hope this helps

i suppose i should have asked more specific questions.
i have a domain name for my online store onlinesurfshop.com.au and know how to build a basic html site.
i downloaded oscommerce and uploaded it but the pictures didnt work and i got a bit lost.
i think im jumping to far ahead of my skill level.
maybee someone can help me with what should i learn next as im going ok with html and dreamweaver but thats just building basic informational websites like merimbulaboardriders.com.au.
i taught myself by doing a few online tutorials and if im looking at opening a online store what are the areas i need to study via some online tutorials. cheers gallopers.

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