Hi all...I'm looking for a very specific eCommerce solution, and I was wondering if anyone knew what application or system might be able to do this. I currently use the 1ShoppingCart system (which I'm sure a lot of you are familiar with), and so far, I've been told, that there is absolutely no way to do what I have described below with 1ShoppingCart (you can use bundles, but then you can't restrict how many extra products from the bundle that they are capable of selecting):

When customers purchase a main product, they are given the option of adding a certain number of free products to their cart out of a selection of a another certain number of products.

For example, if a customer purchases the "3-Option Pack" product, they get a main product plus they get to choose ONLY up to 3 free products from a selection of 7 free products.

If a customer purchases the "5-Option Pack", they get the same main product, but they now get to choose ONLY up to 5 free products out of a selection of 7 free products.

The above are only conceptual examples and not how I want it done exactly.

If you know a good PHP/MySQL application (such as osCommerce, etc) that would be capable of doing this or could direct me somewhere where I could find more information, that would be much appreciated. I would be willing to hire someone to implement this solution to replace the 1ShoppingCart system that we already have in place (which we are going to phase out of).

Thanks much in advance for your help!

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This sounds very custom and will almost certainly need to be custom coded. That usually is the case with very specific ecommerce needs.

Hi and thanks for the reply...I figured it would be something along those lines, however I can't be the first person out there that has wanted to do something just like this (offering a number of bonus products when a main product is purchased)...so maybe there is a plugin or extension or modification that is already available for an existing shopping cart system that does something like this...and maybe someone here knows about it..

Unfortunately this is a really custom request. Instead of paying someone to change your whole shoppingcart application, pay them to create a customized patch.

In other words, a system like 1ShoppingCart adds products to the cart page based on the link you return (your customer clicks on).

So to solve your problem, you could pass in a link to the shopping cart page based on the products people select on your site (having the different combinations already created in your SC account)

Hi Michaelvaliant and thanks for the reply...

Unfortunately we are trying to avoid having to create every single different combination (as bundles) in the 1ShoppingCart system because we will eventually be adding more than just a few side options..at some point, there will be more than 30 options available for the customer.

As you can imagine, we'd have literally 1000s of possible combinations, which if I had to create every single bundle manually in 1ShoppingCart...that would be quite a daunting, cumbersome, and inefficient task, and ultimately an ineffective use of time.

We can't modify 1Shoppingcart on the backend, so my only thoughts are that we are going to have to go with something that is not 1ShoppingCart...

Hi InnovativeWeb.
You are just like you name. you are really having very innovative idea.

Its really good.


May be, you can go with X-Cart solution. It's good in features, by itself, and besides it has SpecialOffers module. Module needs just a bit of mod, I guess, and then will suit your idea fully. They have their own php coders to make the tweak.

Such special packages as yours are very attractive for customers, of course. But the thing is, each seller invents his own offer, and who can predict what else will be invented:) that's why I doubt that you will fine a solution which needs no tuning.

Maybe pay someone to do it.

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