Just that question. What are the pros and cons of implementing a no-advertising policy (i.e. while posting) in new communities which are looking for more members?

Do you think initially people should be allowed to advertise their sites/products or is this a bad thing? Let me know what you all think of this as I am in a dilemma whether it would help or not.

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I think that if you plan on possibly implementing this policy in the future, it is best to never allow advertising to begin with. There is nothing that frustrates frequent forum members more than change of policies.

Yes. I can understand that. However, I have an awkward problem. You see, I have only about 20 members and my community is very slow in picking up. When I see somebody blatantly posting links to their sites from mine, I can take action. However, because the situation is that I *need* every member to be active on my community, I feel that I cannot take effective action without driving them away.

So far I've been solving the problem by PMming the individual member and asking them to remove links. It is a bit difficult also to do this every time and cannot go on for too long when I have more members joining up. What do you suggest?

And how did you handle this issue Dani? :)

It depends on the advertisements and if they are spam...

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