I really enjoy Las Vegas and I was wanting to start a forum for awhile, then I got to thinking.. Hmm.. Maybe I could start a Vegas forum. You know, a forum centered around Vegas. Gambling, shows, experiences, ect. Then I got to thinking.. "Hmm.. Would anyone even go? Seems kind of a one time post place." I don't know though..

Since I love Vegas, I'm looking for a un-bias opinion. What do you guys think?

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Here are some ideas for forums ...

- Local events for Vegas locals. Community meetings, school events, etc.
- Want a night out on the town? Reviews and discussions about local restaurants.
- Casino discussion - where / how did you make your killing?
- Travel questions
- Hotels. The best places to stay.


I voted for it being a good idea. However, when it comes to start up a forum ... the answer is "depends" ... it always depends on how much time and effort is put into it and how well it is done. Almost more than what the topic is! ANY topic forum can succeed if done right!

I agree with the "one time post place". People would go there say before a trip there, and after a trip there. But beyond that why would they want to talk about vegas on a daily basis?

In my opinion, its a tough sell. UNLESS you go towards vegas people. People who live there, etc. Then just add another section for travelers there.

I've thought about a trip to Vegas several times, but have just never made it happen. If I came across a forum on the pro's and con's of Vegas, that might sell me and I'd pack and hit the road. I voted "depends..." because what interests one may not interest another and so forth...

A tough call.

Generally the more "focussed" your forum is, the more chances are that you will attract more visitors who share similar interests. However, be warned that it will take a long, long time to pick up as there might not be too many people who share the same interests as you.

On the other hand "diffused" forums also tend to be less attractive. You will find it really tough to build a community around a group of people who share "vaguely" similar ideas but who cannot share enough to build and keep alive solid discussions.

The idea is to find a way to mix and match the two extreme ends and make it generally attractive to a large crowd while also providing the real enthusiasts a place to get together and discuss at fairly regular intervals.

In your case, the best bet is to create a main website that provides tourist guides, information, news and the latest events at Las Vegas in an attractive manner and then create a forum where people can discuss these things. Centering your site on the forums is generally not a great idea when you have a "targetted" audience.

I think it would be nice. You may even get some of the travel agencies and event planners to pay for advertising space. I'd love to see what you polish up for viewing. Keep us posted.


Is prostitution really legal in Vegas? I've been meaning to visit.

Is prostitution really legal in Vegas? I've been meaning to visit.

Negative ;)

Oh! Vegas I missed it. I used to lived there for over a yr when I was doing a Visual Basic Programming contract job. I'm now back in Los Angeles, and I still visit Vegas twice a month because my fiancee is working there. That would be great to start a community about life in Vegas, best hidden places...Email me as soon at you set up the site. I will be there very often.

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