I was completing a forum for a customer who is in the real estate business and by his permission I'm posting his odd, yet humorous question;

After his forum's demo went live he said; "Why not make it so forums can have people responding to other peoples posts...?"

I thought I did a better job of educating my customers.:rolleyes:

I believe that Forums need a Slap Feature!


Beautiful, I love it. It gave me an idea for creating a new animated Slap-Smilie

Always glad to help; that's why we're here.

However, keep in mind that although The Sacred Wet Trout is indeed a force to be reckoned with, there will always be those users who are simply so clue-deprived that more drastic measures may be in order:





I love it; I bookmarked these so I can come get them later. No time now, I'm building a site for section8 housing project.


Again- always glad to be of help... :cheesy:

You want to hear another one that happend today. I contacted a musician to see if she would allow us to build her a website for FREE to add one of that type to my portfolio before our site launch. My objective was 100% clear. To find a musician with a less then truly beautiful site design and offer an exchange. My portfolio and credits in exchange for your site that we can brandish.

I was contacted by the existing designer who proceeded to tell me how bad I am for contacting his customer to offer design services. Look at his words and tell me what you think of this.

I would suggest you think twice about soliciting business from people who already have a designer on retainer

How would I know of a retainer without being told so by the site owner?

Of course, if you aren't concerned about business ethics or your professional standing among others in your field of choice, there's not much I'm going to say that will change your tactics.

What part of the "REFERRED" to the client did this guy miss?

Hint: You're going to do a lot better all the way around if you target your sales message to prospects who don't already have a website.

Sales message? My offer was a FREE one? and again, I was referred.

Another Hint: Offering your services for free (and undercutting folks who can actually demand a price) is yet another way to put yourself in the doghouse with others in this field.

Well, some guys aren't so desperate for business and actually want to produce quality results.
Hello Dude; what part of FREE has so offended you? What about someone contacting a web site owner so concerns you? Contact any of my clients and make them an offer. I wont panic, and I certainly wont cry if they consider your services.

I truly wish I could show you people the website, but I don't want to be sued. I was amazed that this person even involved himself in an email addressed to someone else. Did you get that, ADDRESSED TO SOMEONE ELSE. Make sure you hear that. After my partner did some checking we found that he "may have" been monitoring the email exchange of his client. Isn't that a federal offense.

Your feed back is greatly appreciated.


I don't know. I think I'm just going to stay out of this one. Just another reason why I left the freelance world.

Its a good thing my team and I love you cscgal;

I was hoping for someone to tell me I'm wrong or out of line with this one. You on the other hand are free and welcome to escape that burden.:cool:


...I left the freelance world.

I'm in that world, and I run across those sorts of reactions every once in a while. The thing I've learned is that you can't dwell on them; you just "let it roll" and move on. After all- if there's one upside to working for yourself, it's the fact that you can decide who is worth expending your energy on and who isn't. :)

I agree DMR; I'm not getting a headache over this. I just find people getting stranger and stranger the more I work with them in the freelance arena.

I have to admit, although I've had run-ins with people of various psychotic characteristics, this is a first time I've sent one person an email only to get harrassed by another.


It's true- the longer you do freelance work, the more you run into people with some very strange personality quirks. Oh well... at least we don't have some boss telling us that we have to deal with those people.

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