I hardly know anything about PHP, scripts and so on. I only know how to create static websites. I would like to create an online magazine service with a few "freebie" pages and then have a membership section. This requires seting up a user account and then payment via credit card. From what I've researched this is called content management. However, I am not down with all the correct lingo, so I am going in circles. I know you can use paypal and all that but, can it be tied in with the user account-example: You would sign up for a month, and after credit card payment you immediately can surf the pages. Then after a subscription is up, the user cannot log on? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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Yeah creating static pages is so boring I think that you should learn ASP or PhP
I also love to create a search web page towards the classifieds or matrimonial which is now a days are booming web sites.


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