Wll everyone I finaly found a forum host. Its called siteground and it uses phpbb. What I need help with is deciding what the url is going to be. I would prefer .com but .net if fine too. Its going to be a videogame forum so the url must reflect on that.

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Personally, if the .com isn't available I don't register it.

Avoid domains with hyphens as well. Try and be original where possible.

you should try something that will catch peoples eye when they see it like as programming/graphic design sites go IHateGargen.com stands out which is nice because i get alot of traffic cause everywhere my name is gargen

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You should have something obvious and easy to type. i agree with the no-hyphens... :lol:

A hyphen was the biggest web design mistake i ever made!


Is it going to be a generic game forum or specific to a prticulr game/format?

Try some of the keyword search tools available on the net and see what people are searching for in your area and then see if those combos are being used (they usually are) but you can then adapt a varient on the theme...

Personally try and avoid domains such as www.$$FORUMTOPIC$$forums.com these are too generic and dont really create a site identity for yourself making alot harder for people to actually relate and find your forums unique and original.

hmmm choose for a .com domain if your visitors are not that much into web. as most of people would go typing a .com .

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