I am looking for information on opening an offshore company (with nominee service) for running an legitimate and legal adult website for US based customers, and perhaps use CCBill for payment.

I am new to this kind of business, and I really have some dumb questions to ask.

1. Which country is the best for incorporation in terms of your privacy, tax savings, legal protection etc.
Eg: Seychelles, Dominica, Gibraltar etc.

2. Once the offshore company is ready, do they give some address and phone number that I can be put on the website?

3. Seems like CCBill is really easy to setup. How does CCBill work with this offshore company? I guess you can't really be anonymous with the CCBill. You need to provide all the details. Does CCBill need offshore bank account? Or can they still send a personal check?

4. How does US tax system work if you have an offshore company? Is it better to have offshore bank account? I wonder what are the restrictions on offshore bank account when you running adult business.

5. Now that you have an offshore company, does it matter where the web-servers are located? Is it better to have offshore servers for adult business in terms of laws and protection? Btw, I am going to have a legitimate and legal business.

6. What exactly is nominee service? You can be anonymous and are protected from unsolicited requests, spam etc.

Thank you so much.

I would look into the company formation in Cyprus, you will get all what you are looking for as I see from the questions you asked.

A Cyprus company formation can be registered with nominee directors and shareholders and it is easy for the company to open a business bank account in Cyprus. Since Cyprus is part of the EU you won't also not ran into no goes while many of the European banks only accept companies and business in general from Europe.

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