Hi there, I hope I'm in the right place (apologies for the intrusion if I'm not).

I work for a company that has a few basic products to sell, we have no working website at the moment and we only deal with trade customers. What we are looking to do is build an interactive website, that can be linked to our customers without the knowledge of the general public.

I'll try to make some sense here. If we have 15 products and 15 customers, we want to build one website that has these products on it, with descriptions, images and a checkout facility. But, it will only be accessible via our customers website.

So, say one of our customers websites is 'The Chicken Palace' and our brand is 'McClucky's Grilles' when the potential buyer clicks onto the brand name that we produce, via the chicken palace website, they will then be driven to our website, but all of the contact details and company banners etc for the chicken palace will still be showing, so our company remains anonymous. When the customer places they're order in say shopping cart, it will actually revert back to that of the chicken palace. But this same program needs to work on the other 14 customers' sites as well. (please note names have been changed to protect the innocent!!)

I was wondering if this was possible or if there is already software available on the market to do this?

Really appreciate any help you guys can provide!!!

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Any server side language can do this. I suggest PHP but you could use any server side language(ASP, JSP, Coldfusion...) . To authenticate the user, you'll have to use a login page. Then you can deny access to the site for any user not logged in (inaccessible to the general public).

I'm not sure if there is any software available to do this, but if you are having someone build the site with a shopping cart, they should be capable of hiding the site behind a login.

The short answer is "yes", contact me via PM for additional information.

Excuse me if this thread is dead, but I was just wondering did the client(The Chicken Palace) have their own shopping site? I mean to ask, does the "The Chicken Palace" have their own shopping cart system? If they do, I think it could be possible to provide an interface to the images/description for them to get from you as opposed to having them link the potential buyer to your site, and then sent back to chicken palace. This would eliminate the need to imitate their website. What makes this complex is that the other clients will most likely have different cart technologies. It probably isn't so bad if they do have different cart technologies, because you could probably handle that by providing different image urls that only work when being requested from a specific domain (Like chickenpalace.com). The description would be a little tricky to pass, because that really would depend on the technology they use. I'm sure if they are willing to tell you what technology they use, you could definitely work out the details of how they could grab the details. Now, another question which I probably should have asked first. Did you want to automate the order for your records/invoices to the client whenever they had a potential buyer make a purchase? That issue is a bit more tricksies, but software can do tricky stuff when you know what is running on their side. I guess once you solved those issues for one particular shopping cart technology on their site, any other client using the same shopping cart system would be a snap. Maybe I still don't get what you are trying to do, but I enjoyed thinking about it. So thanks for posting this. (Been up all night working on trying to better understand windows server technology and administration.) ;)

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